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Cryo Rod
Cryo Rod.png
Type n/a
The necessary component to maintain you, if you experience a Systematic Adaptive Disruption. When slotted into a CryoPod you are bound too, in case of a SAD event will make sure you are returned to your previous condition in the most convenient way possible.

Cryorods can be crafted and inserted into cryopods. The number of cryorods inside your cryopod, represent your lives. Craft a good number of them by gathering the necessary Biomass and Ice. Keep an eye on the number you have left at the upper left portion of your screen. If your number of cryorods drops to "0" and you are killed you will drop any items you are holding on the ground immediately; requiring you to go back to the place where you lost them to retrieve them. This is called "cryorod penalty". A good way to avoid cryorod penalty is by storing your items inside an Arkco Small Crate.


  • Pre-Release: Introduced.